Bruised Saliva, 2016

acrylic on canvas, variable size I have wondered how to make a decorative painting by technical effects on painting with … More

Meari, 2015

ash from burnt hair of dogs, cats and humans, 1,033ft2 Remembering the scene of some men’s killing dogs and burning … More

News, 2015

ink on canvas, 40 x 57 inch The painting of old women leprosy patients without hands nor eyes.

East Asia’s Dining Table, 2014

plates, bones obtained in various Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants, variable size Recently I’ve witnessed many political and diplomatic conflicts … More

Skin, 2014

the red stamp used in the slaughterhouse on a disposable raincoat.

Spitting Saliva, 2014

saliva on canvas, 18 x 21 inch By spitting saliva I completed a white painting. Dried saliva on canvas seems … More